O'Delle Abney


O’DELLE ABNEY (b. 1946)
1974, MFA, Carnegie-Mellon University 
1973, BFA, Carnegie-Mellon University 

Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York 2012.
Berkeley College Gallery, New York, 2012.
Café Americano, New York, 1986.
King | Pitcher Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1974.
Pittsburgh Playhouse Gallery, Pennsylvania, 1971.
Point Park College Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1970.

Pictor Gallery, New York, 6th Annual WFA Exhibition, 2022.
Noho M55 Gallery, New York, 5th Annual WFA Exhibition, 2019.
Lichtundfire, New York, Abstract Connectivity, 2019.
Noho M55 Gallery, New York, 4th Annual WFA Exhibition, New York, 2018.
Noho M55 Gallery, 3rd Annual WFA Exhibition, New York, 2017.
Phoenix Gallery, 2nd Annual WFA Exhibition, New York, 2016.
Phoenix Gallery, 1st Annual WFA Exhibition, New York, 2015.
Pelaides Gallery, New York, Small Works Show, New York, 2015.
Skylight Gallery, New York, Contemporary Visions, 2015.
Paul Kolker Gallery, New York, Contemporary Visions, 2015.
Spacewomb Gallery, New York, Transformation, 2013.
Serendipity Micro Gallery, New York, World Fine Art Group, 2013.
Brenda Taylor Gallery, New York, World Fine Art Group, 2012.
Berkley College Gallery, Brooklyn, World Fine Art Group, 2012.
Rogue Gallery, New York, Spring Show, 2011.
Rush Art Gallery, New York, Bombay Sapphire, 2011.
Philadelphia Museum, Pennsylvania, Bientennial Exhibition, 1986.
Jain Gallery, New York, 1985.
Penn State University, Philadelphia, 1976.
Ivy School of Professional Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Faculty Show, 1975.
Westmoreland County Museum, Greensburg, Pennsylvania, 1975.
Cultural Center, Penn State University, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1975.
King | Pitcher Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Poster & Prints Exhibition, 1975.
University Museum, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, The Second World Black & African Festival of Art, 1974.
King Pitcher Gallery, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Poster, Prints, & Presents Exhibition, 1973.
Selma Burke Art Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Third Annual Black Artists Exhibit, 1973.
Schneider Gallery, Rome, Italy, Contemporary Painters Show, 1972.
Arts & Crafts Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 1972.
Schnieder Gallery, Rome, Italy, 1972.
American Embassy, Rome, Italy, Tyler School of Art Exhibition, 1972.
16 Black Artists Exhibition Tour, Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, 1970.

Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, New York
Jones and Laughlin Steel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Industries, W.F. Newton
Pennsylvania State University
Ivy School of Professional Art, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Bidwell Cultural Center, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania