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Nanette Carter News: 'Women Choose Women' Exhibition at The Barn Celebrates Unstoppable Girl Power, August  2, 2023 - Rachel Feinblatt for Hamptons Magazine

'Women Choose Women' Exhibition at The Barn Celebrates Unstoppable Girl Power

August 2, 2023 - Rachel Feinblatt for Hamptons Magazine

Proving that no force is stronger than girl power, Frampton Co and Berry Campbell present Women Choose Women at Exhibition The Barn.

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the historic women-curated exhibition of female artists, interior design studio and art advisory Frampton Co has teamed up with Berry Campbell Gallery to put underappreciated artists in the spotlight. Women Choose Women highlights accomplished, progressive artists and their work, including Lynne Drexler, Elaine de Kooning, Grace Hartigan, Nanette Carter, Elizabeth Osborne, Yvonne Pickering Carter, Lilian Thomas Burwell, Susan Vecsey, Perle Fine, Mary Dill Henry, Jill Nathanson, Charlotte Park, Yvonne Thomas, Carmen D’Apollonio and Barbora Ĺ˝ilinskaite?

“It is our aim to ensure women artists receive more than occasional exposure, and that their work is placed firmly beside their male counterparts,” says Christine Berry, co-owner of Berry Campbell Gallery. “Having this exhibition in the Hamptons, a historically important artist community, allows us a unique opportunity to share our larger curatorial mission by introducing women artists who are deserving of more attention.”

Mary Dill Henry, “Mendocino Seascape: Clear Except for Isolated Flowers” (1971)

Reviving the 1973 exhibition at the New York Cultural Center, this display draws attention to the vast changes over the past five decades. While progress has been made, looking back at the artists’ expressions illuminates age, racial, gender and geographic inequity. Using various mediums ranging from paper and sculpture to lighting and furniture, artists reveal social and political unrest and the vision for a brighter future.

“Much progress has been made since 1973, however, there is still necessary work to be done to advance women in the arts,” says Elena Frampton, founder and creative director of Frampton Co. “Not just through conscious and deliberate curation, but also in the spirit that is brought to the process—one of inclusivity, partnership and sensitivity.” Exhibition The Barn, 141 Maple Lane, Bridgehampton,

Carmen D'Apollonio, “I don’t care about you” (2022)

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